Rotherham HAC is a democratic club governed by constitution and by an Annual General Meeting for all club members which is held in October.

The affairs of the club are managed by an Executive Committee which meets each month, generally on the first Thursday. The officers listed below are members of the executive committee but it is not confined only to them: notably it includes young athlete and general coaches and team managers.

It should be noted that by tradition the General Secretary of the club is the de facto Chief Executive.

The 2020 club officers confirmed by AGM are:-

President: Richard Harris
Vice Presidents: Ian Cooley, Peter Neal, Brian Harney, David Haywood, David Johnson, Ian Mitchell, Roy Taylor, Peter Humphries, Pat Rowbotham, Nigel Brookes.

Chairman Stuart Kerr
General Sec. Stephen Gaines
Treasurer Kevin Thomas

Exec. Committee
Cross Country Sec. Stephen Gaines
Road Running Sec. Pete Shaw
Track and Field Sec. Kevin Thomas
Trail Running Sec. Sharon Burton
Publicity & Marketing (ITC) Peter Humphries
Coach Co-ordinators (Amy Roden, Richard Harris)
Welfare Officers Jacqui Browne & Aidan Johnson
Membership Secretary Jim Brogan
Social Media Fiona Topliss

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