MultiSQL Programmable News Item Search

Starting with single-page form and responder: the page needs to be refreshed each time you search eg 'back button' and 'refresh'

We present this data search for a wide range of interests, without the repetitive coding that would otherwise be necessary.
The data store is a collection of news items reported to media including our own publications but more significantly to the Rotherham Advertiser.

Many were not tagged at the time of preparation but we are revisiting the records to tag them in various ways.
For the time being, only records since 2013 or thereabouts are being accessed: there are however many more which we might soon bring into the system

The presentation of the fields (right/below) requires a bit of improvement (shortly) but is usable.
You need to be a little bit smart at times as database queries can be tricky sometimes. The present ones only work on a series of 'AND's as all the tags are in one field.

In the top row- 'radio buttons' - you need to select one of the mutaually exclusive subjects.
In the next bunch down ('checkboxes'), you can select more than one if you want: mostly they are disciplines eg road, track

Same in the next row down: which are levels of competition.

Combinations such as 'young athletes' and 'cross country' are sensible:
Combinations like 'road' and 'cross-country' are not: a record cannot be both.

(One only) Primary Choice

More additional choices (AND combination)

Performance Level

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