Rotherham Harriers & AC: Athlete Welfare.

Our aim is to enable all to enjoy their athletics, and improve their performance. Our club provides a safe and enjoyable environment for all members to improve their health and fitness and to get the opportunity to compete at all levels. We do not expect everyone to win, but we do expect athletes to represent the club in competition, once they are ready to do so. We welcome parents, relatives and parent /guardians at club training sessions, both to support their athletes, and to help out.

We believe we provide a safe environment because we have achieved Clubmark status, which means we have a Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Officers on hand. The club is enjoyable because our focus is on welcoming new young members, and letting them progress at a pace and to a level that suits their ability and ambition.

The club provides the opportunity to receive coaching and participate in competitions. The club caters for all. We will treat everyone equally and fairly, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status.

We want to ensure that all athletes and members are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with managers, coaches and officials in our club. We do this by:-

# Ensuring that all coaching is by qualified coaches who are trained and have been screened for their suitability for working with young people. Also that the ratio of group size to coach is maintained at manageable levels (This may mean having to restrict the number of places available)

# Ensuring that details of any athletes illnesses and medication are available whenever club events or activities take place.

# We use UK Athletics Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Volunteers, Athletes & Parents / Guardians to make clear the expected standards of behaviour.

# Giving parents and athletes information about what our clubs aims and ambitions are and what they can expect from us.

# Advising parents of what the club expects from them.

# Letting parents and athletes know how to voice their concerns or complain if there is anything they are not happy about.

# Appointing Child Protection and Welfare officers within the club. (Details below)

The club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat, intimidation, harassment and abuse.

All club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory or unacceptable behaviour. Any such behaviour will not be tolerated by the club, and will be handled in accordance with our discipline procedures.

The club believes that it is important that members, coaches, officials and parents/guardians should, at all times, show respect to others.

As a member of the club, we ask that you:-

# Adhere to the code of conduct standards, details of which are included in a Welcome pack.

# Listen to the coaches and officials, and follow their instructions at all times.

# Pay fees promptly

# Wear club vests for competitions, and correct clothing and footwear for training.