Coaching Structure

Young Athletes Coaching Structure at Rotherham H&AC

Co-ordinator: Amy Roden


All youngsters who have been inducted from the interest register are initially in the 'Fundamentals' Beginners Group (red, ref.5). Whilst they are enjoying their sport in this group, they will of course develop sklls and interests at different paces, and will get opportunities to move on into more advanced or targeted groups.

Their own interests will be taken into account as will the abilities recognised by their coach, and their age. When they have demonstrated they are ready to move on, there are three possible pathways to go down, as shown below. Note however that there is no requirement that they advance rapidly, our coaching is athlete-centred. Whilst in this group they will develop running abilities in general but will also be introduced into jumps and throws

Jumps and Throws If they show particular promise or interest in jumps and/or throws, there is possibility of specialised coaching in those areas. (blue)

Endurance Development Group and Speed Development Group Progress in developing running ability will probably result in the athlete's showing preference and/or capability more in speed events or in endurance, and a choice of groups is available for those purposes. There is still option available to switch however, as time goes by.

Endurance Performance Group and Speed Performance Group In these groups there is focus on getting improved results with personal targetted training. There will still be group movement, as for example sprinters may need to improve core strength.

In these more specific groups, the athlete will be somewhat older than on entry into coached training. It is likely that upper age young athletes will train in mixed groups with adult trainees. Due to the nature of the events, this is more probable in sprints group and certainly, perhaps earlier, in jumps and throws.


Fundamentals Group – Amy Roden, Andy Battle, Karen Battle, Simon Ellis, Lindsey Whyke, Brian Wall
Sprint Development Group– Tony Wilson, Amy Roden, Lindsey Whyke
Endurance Development Group – Mark Orr, Gill Taylor, Scott Williams
Sprint Performance group – Stuart Kerr, Ricky Thorpe, Sam Thorpe
Endurance Performance Group – Richard Harris, Trudy Parker
Throws & Jumps Group - Brian Wall, Lindsey Whyke