(under 18 years)

As a child or young person under 18 years, I have the right to:

• be safe and protected
• be listened to
• be respected and treated fairly
• be believed
• ask for help
• be coached by someone who has the right qualifications.

As a young athlete, I will respect the code of conduct and I will:

• be friendly and supportive to other athletes
• keep myself safe
• tell my coach if I am ill or injured
• report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations to an adult
• compete fairly and respect other athletes and officials
• respect the rules of my club
• behave and listen to all instructions from my coach and officials
• take care of equipment owned or provided by the club or training facility
• not use bad language or take part in inappropriate or illegal behaviour
• not bully anyone or pressure them to do things they do not want to, including online

• in no way undermine, put down or belittle other athletes, coaches or practitioners

• keep to agreed timings for all club activities
• tell my parents/carers where I am or if I’m going to be late
• not use my mobile phone during training, competitions or in changing rooms
**except for logins or emergency**

• not carry or consume alcohol or illegal substances while training or competing in athletics

• use safe transport or travel arrangements.

BREACH OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT I understand that if I do not follow the code, action can be taken by my club and I may:

• be asked to apologise for my behaviour

• receive a verbal warning from my coach

• receive a verbal or written warning from the club committee

• be suspended from attending club training sessions

• be suspended or required to leave the club.

Additionally, my club will always tell my parents/carers if I breach the code of conduct.