This is the central page for 8th July club 4th running groups meeting

If you propose to attend on the 8th July, but haven't run before, please inform us by email to or contact Pete Humphries in your normal manner
If you are already in a group, make sure John, Neil, Helen, Tony or Peter know whether you are attending on July 8th

These arrangements will continue until the stadium is officially open then we will revise them. We anticipate mid-July, but it is in the hands of RMBC

Emergency Contact on the night

Kevin Thomas 07504 225166

Routes on the night

I will discuss with run leaders: as near normal as we can with some special caution

• Follow covid-19 and distancing rules
• Join your own group straight away
• There are no facilities at the stadium
• Carry ICE (in case of emergency) card

Newcomers welcome but send email to :

recent groups:


John Massingham lead
Richard Abel
Andy Walstow
Andy Eblet
Dave Nuttall
Phil Eddison
Cathy Eddison


Neil Shaw lead
Rachel Routley
Claire Standrin
Paul Lister
Michael Lindley
Peter Humphries in reserve


Helen Hollingworth lead
Daniel Levers
Claire Levers
Carole Deakin
Tiffany Stark
Tom Charles
Tony Sarjeant
Sabi Ackram

Where to meet

The car park will not be open to vehicles: use nearby roads
Keep separated: obey covid-19 rules and separation
Quicker group: Brecks end of car park; Middle group: normal car entrance; Slower group: Clifton end of car park