RH Relays

Thursday 27th May 2021

Activity closes and teams listed 10am Thursday

Updated information

Venue: admin at Herringthorpe Stadium

Start, finish and changeover on the plateau behind the stadium (green blob on map)
(access gate from stadium to field will be open). All on path, traffic-free.


get your number (or check which team) from 6.30 at the office inside the stadium
the activity start is first-stage runners off at 7.30
we should be finished well before 8.30

Any participants who are inconvenienced by the later start- please inform me and get an early stage (1 or 2)
Email m with any queries.


Heading towards Clifton all on pathway, round the stadium outer (see red dots), left to Park Hotel, right and back up Middle Lane on pavement. Re-enter the field at first access and direct back to changeover.


one IN-one OUT (ie not overlap)

Teams may choose any order of runners for the stages (but notify us or we may award the wrong people). Modest awards for winning team, and some others as mementoes.

Parking & check-in:

The car park (upper area) will be available.
Please use covid webapp to make your health declaration as usual and pay £2 to Kevin (or other) as usual. Includes out-of-stadium runners.
A limited use of changing rooms and toilets is now possible
Apologies for all the missing activities, changes of venue, timing and so on. I don’t have to tell you the major reason, but thank you for your understanding and patience.

Enjoy your evening.