Rotherham Schools Cross Country 2019

Thanks to all for turning out for a brilliant event, despite the brief rain shower.

There were some glitches producing the results, caused mainly by duplicates of some of the numbers the atletes wore
As a result it might be that some runners appear twice in the list whilst someone else might not appear at all

Report #1: Some valuable emails received- especially for year 34 girls.
Report #2: A lot of progress- especially for year 34 girls. Please keep sending


Year 3/4 girls race
Much improved- Many valued emails received
We request identity and school of runner who wore 52 (39th)
We request identity and school of runners at 50th (wore 56) and at 113th (wore 49)

Year 3/4 boys race
We think this list is now correct

Year 5/6 girls race
There are only a couple of errors in this list

Year 5/6 boys race
There do not appear to be any errors in this list

Send your comments by email to
Be sure to tell us the race, the name of the runner and number worn; if you can some idea of where they finished in the race

When we have corrected the problems, we will rapidly print out the team results.
Three of the races are not ready yet
But because there are no errors (we think) in the 56 boys list, the team result is here:

All Team Results