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English National Cross Country Championships: Harewood House 23rd Feb 2019.

For the first time ever the English Championships were held at Harewood's South park. The venue gives a varied and demanding course of rough grassland with lots of climbing and descending - particularly on the senior courses.

The weather conditions were excellent with warm sunny and dry conditions. The venue and event organisation have been praised by all who visited and competed.

This is a major event in the club cross country calendar, and again the Harrier's team managers and athletes had made sterling efforts to ensure the club was well represented. We had a record number of 69 athletes entered, and 52 of those competed and finished on the day, again a record number of finishers for the club.

We had 6 scoring teams and these all finished in the top 20 in their races, with 4 of those in the top 10. One noteworthy club achievement was the fact that all the club teams finished in the top 5 Northern clubs - a significant and consistent performance. The senior men's team had their best team finishing position for many years - their 12th team place marking an annual improvement made over the last 5 years.

Olivia Bell recorded the best individual performance with a 13th place in the U13 girls race, leading the scoring team of 4 to 5th place - the best team position achieved by the club. Joe Massingham was 18th in the Junior men's race and Joshua Wragg 26th in the U15 boys race. Nicola Devine continued her excellent season leading the women's team home in 25th place, with new member Keri Pearson making the scoring 4 for 6th team place.


U13 Girls 1st team Tonbridge AC 90 pts; Rotherham 5th 293 pts (2nd Northern club team)

1 Scarlett Livingstone 10:52 Exeter Harriers

13 Olivia Bell 11:23, 64 Amelia Topliss 12:00, 98 Lilia Harris 12:12, 118 Emily Bott 12:21,

130 Mischa Walsh 12:25, 135 Marci Walsh 12:26, 150 Miya Lambert 12:31, 180 Evie Thomson 12:49,

,201 Amelia Longden 12:56, 212 Katie Battle 13:01, 235 Cadence Taylor 13:12, 254 Keira Branagan 13:20,

298 Annaliese Catley 13:38, 381 Ruby Willers 14:37, 384 Harper Tompkin 14:42

U13 Boys 1st team South London 102 pts; Rotherham 14th 449 pts (3rd Northern club team)

1 Benjamin Peck 9:51 Thetford AC

63 Luke Parker 11:06, 74 George Browne 11:12, 144 Thomas Bowman 11:40, 168 Luke Stables 11:47,

182 Reece Levitt 11:52, 267 Owen Haffner 12:24.

U15 Girls

1 Holly Weedall 15:03 Vale Royal AC

151 Hayley Butcher 17:45

U15 Boys 1st team Aldershot Farnham & District 56 pts, Rotherham 17th 619 points (5th Northern club team)

1 Alex Thompson 13:27 Wharfedale Harriers & AC

26 Joshua Wragg 14:21, 153 Joshua Gilbert 15:31, 182 Samuel Gilson 15:43, 259 Alexander Brand 16:37,

269 Tobey Baker 16:40,

U17 Women 1st team Herne Hill Harriers 98 pts, Rotherham 6th (1st Northern club team)

1 Olivia Mason 17:55 Border Harriers & AC

24 Mollie Platts 19:11, 41 Keiva Rennocks 19:47, 82 Emily Holden 20:42, 159 Bethany Mount 22:34,

196 Charli Frisby 24:57.

U17 Men

1 Sam Charlton 18:48 Wallsend Harriers & AC

36 Elliott Morton 20:06

Junior Men

1 Rory Leonard 28:27 Morpeth Harriers

18 Joseph Massingham 29:40, 147Jack Stokes 34:29.

Senior Women 1st team Leeds City AC 47 pts Rotherham 6th 197pts (2nd Northern club)

1 Emily Hosker-Thornhill 28:17 Aldershot Farnham & District

25 Nicola Devine 30:32, 35 Lori Handbury 30:53, 46 Natasha Hatswell 31:34, 91 Keri Pearson 32:52,

186 Jenny Blizard 35:03

Senior Men 1st Team (6 to score) Leeds City AC Rotherham 12th (3rd Northern club team);

1st team (9 to score) Leeds City AC 410, Rotherham 13th 1923 (3rd Northern club)

1 Mahammed Mahammed 36:34 Southampton AC

103 Luke Cotter 40:01, 112 Daniel Kestrel 40:14, 16 Lee Milburn 40:18, 127 Jonathan Johnson 40:28,

209 Elliott Smales 41:38, 216 Arron Larkin 41:42, 231 Aidan Johnson 41:53, 287 Gareth Sampson 42:36,

522 Sam Clegg 45:10, 573 Philip Hoole 45:44, 1244 Richard Parker 51:58, 1599 James Gallacher 56:42

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