KMR Series 2017

KMR Provisional Race dates 2017

KMR-1 Bassingthorpe Trail Race 12/03/2017
KMR-2 Maltby Memorial Race 03/05/2017
KMR-3 Kimmy Kanter 06/06/2017
KMR-4 Ulley Res 21/06/2017
KMR-5 Roche Abbey Dash 05/07/2017
KMR-6 Milton 5kms 19/07/2017
KMR-7 Butchers Dog Leg 03/08/2017
KMR-8 Toffee Run 17/08/2017
KMR-9 Wickersley Chase 30/09/2017
KMR-10 Canal Race 05/11/2017
KMR-11 Santas Special 10/12/2017 note change
KMR-12 Braithwell Boxing Day Race 26/12/2017

Summary of Rules of KMR Series