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APPLICATIONS and INTEREST REGISTRATION There are changes from May 2017 to the application process
To apply for new membership of Rotherham Harriers & AC or to Register Interest:
go via the Application Gateway by clicking the red link (right)

please read the relevant information below first

Applicants under 8-years old
We regret that no athletic club in the UK can accept members before they attain the age of eight. However, if you complete an interest registration in the gateway, we will keep details and make contact when that time is close. See 'special notes' below for option including SATELLITE CLUBS

Senior (over-17) Applicants
The application process is straightfoward and you will be guided through it
Payment options will be offered at the end of your application

YOUNG ATHLETES between 8 and 15
Because of the very high demand for membership and to maintain proper coaching levels and supervision of youngsters at the club we are obliged to operate an induction system
You application above will register your interest in joining (with contact details), and we will make every effort to call intended members for induction meetings on a club night
During this waiting period, there are some other options and some things which could speed your application:
Whilst we will call all registered youngsters at some stage, it can help us to an earlier appraisal if the applicant has been invited by letter following an athletics competition, or by specific recommendation from a school or satellite club, or if they have a sibling already at the club

Special Notes FOR PARENTS OF YOUNG ATHLETES, who are interested in joining the club
New Satellite clubs launched to increase club capacity
To enable younger interested athletes, and to avoid the waiting list for athletes aged from 8 -13, we have launched (in 2014) 5 new satellite clubs around the borough. These will cater for ages 5 to 15
Please register your interest via the red button above, further details can be found by clicking the 'Young Athletes' menu button at the top of the each main page