Illustrating the Membership Process

Use the flowchart below with the Explanation

When you start the application to join, the date of birth is checked to get age of the intended member.
The application needs to be made by the intended member if they are over 18.

If the intended member is under 18, the application needs to be made by the parent, or legal guardian of the intended member.

Adult/SeniorIf the age is found to be, say, 30 years: the process is then straight-forward (left of diagram). You will be asked for contact and some personal details, also whether you want UKA Registration. Also you will need to obtain a club vest.
Your confirmation of Code of Conduct #3 (UK Athletics will be requested.

Your application will be confirmed by the next Exec Committee meeting, which is routinely the first Thursday in each month.
Payment by credit card via PayPal or other method must be made before election; we will send a reminder after 4 weeks after which the application will be deleted.

U18/Junior This application is same as the above, except that:
• For legal reasons the application must be made by a parent or guardian
• The joining price is lower
• Code of Conduct #4 (U18) and #5 (parent/carer) will be required.

The process for senior/junior members is simple and quick because there is no particular concern about inrease in number of members in those categories.

At U15 level however we have to seriously control input numbers.
There is more on this topic in the web section 'Young Athletes'.
Whilst we take responsibilities seriously for all incoming members, at this level pariticular issues are:
• The sheer volume of applicants
• The number of athletes per coach is strictly controlled
• Young Athletes are likely to need carfeful preparation to ensure safe activities: for themselves and for others
• There is more likely to be early enthusiasm which is not maintained
Consequently applicants are routed into an Interest Register and will be invited to come to the club for an introductory 'Induction' meeting with an experienced coach or official.

Following a successful induction, application follows the same pattern as for 'Junior' members