6.30 Runners

Dark evenings are coming soon....we have planned safe-lit routes .....

If you have completed a couch-to-5k course, you are no longer a beginner!
And a lot of people have got a taste for running during the covid 'lockdowns'
6.30 runners is the natural follow-up for you for careful, enjoyable development
If you have run before in any case, the 6.30 runners provide the opportunity to run alongside others who have similar requirements and abilities to yourself
Meeting just inside the stadium ready for a 6.30 start, this group might run 4 or 5 miles at a careful pace with regular stops: guided by experienced runner coaches
Exactly where and how far depends on a number of factors- time of year, weather, composition of group etc.

The all-important discussion of route......
In general, we operate up to four 'outside-stadium' groups at varying speeds and distances, and there are always routes into specific training groups if that is what you want.

Typical groups are mentioned below:
(bear in mind our club night lasts around 90 minutes)
• 4 or 5 miles at a careful pace with regular stops
• a bit further, maybe not so many stops
• 7 to 9 miles at a sometimes quick pace but still with re-grouping at regular locations