Applying: the Process

For everyone: check the fee payable then go to the 'Apply' section and put the required details into the Gateway
This will pass youngsters to Interest Register Application (see below)


Adults will be passed through to an Application Form which asks a few more details.
Please fill in this form too.
You will be passed to a payments page, where you can pay by Pay Pal, by debit or credit card via Pay Pal, or by BACS (the details are on the page)

If you pay at this point, you will be effectively a member. The club committee will verify your status at its next meeting (routinely the first Thursday each month) and the Secretary or Membership Secretary will take up any issues (eg change of club)
If you don't pay at this point, we will assume you are opting for a club trial 4 weeks (see below)

Club Trial

About the 4 weeks

The 4-week trial period is not repeatable