Activities on Club Nights

Club nights are held on Monday and Wednesday evening. Stadium start times vary, 6.30 for many but sometimes earlier. meeting times are prior to the start times toi allow foir changing, warm-ups etc.

• Field event training on infield
• Specific track use for training groups
• Track use for general fitness/running training (all year round, alternates with hill in winter)
• Hill sessions outside (above) the stadium for general fitness/running training (winter only)
• Out-of-stadium running (groups formed on ability and/or interest basis)
Session fees (£2 or 3) are payable except for paid-up members out-of-stadium running
Most obvious at Herringthorpe is track use: see below

Please keep these rules for safety and orderly training. Members of the public sometimes pay to share facilities.
BLUE Lanes 1 and 2 : endurance group or runners
GREEN Outer lanes in home strait : young athletes
RED Outside lanes back strait and far curve : sprints group
YELLOW All field (except rim) and shot area : NO ENTRY
Track Use: General Safety and Etiquette
Read this document before track use