Costs and Fees Information 2022

This page has prices for joining the club and for annual renewal (below) but we also want to let you know the day-to-day costs which may arise if you are running or training.

Rotherham HAC has contributed to keeping Herringthorpe Stadium open since 2013. We have a formal Service Level agreement with Rotherham MBC, which details the responsibilities of both parties, and also confirms the annual fee payable for the use of the venue on club training nights (£14000 for 100 nights each year, or £140 per night) Further fees are paid for stadium hire for league fixtures and competitions

Our agreement is that we administer the club usage of the stadium whilst RMBC staff have the overall responsibility of the property and equipment.
Session fees for club members are as follows:
Coached session: £3 for adults
Coached session: £2 for Under-18s, and those in full-time education (ie unwaged)

'Coached session' includes track use for interval training, and sessions on the grass hill for same purpose

Casual track use (outsiders) is permitted (subject to a safety briefing) at a price of £3.50

Outside-stadium runners who are members (see elsewhere) by concession do not pay a routine fee as they are not using the stadium training areas (although in principal they are coached, by the run leaders).
Non-members joining in our outside-stadium runs are always welcome (:they may be on club trial, or short-term visiting, but if not they should pay a session fee of £2 )