Email- contacting us

There are several identities which you can email by sending to for example
They include coaching, briefing, trackandfield, membership, beginners, 630beginners, contact, couchto5k, finance, crosscountry, inbox, info, instagram, ladies, men, messages, news, road, rrr, trailandfell, trials, vets, and ydllag - each followed by

The list is correct at the time of writing (august 18) but may alter.

Also some people : jim.brogan, kevin.thomas, peter.humphries, steve.gaines
And there again, they may alter
Some of the above are actual mailboxes storing messages, others just forward the mail to another address, some do both

It doesn't matter too much if you send to an unknown recipient '
Any such message sent will go to a 'catch-all' (actually a couple of people) from where it can be forwarded if necessary.
No matter whether you know the person you want to contact, or have an issue which needs someone to help, you can do it by email
If you know their different personal email address, you can of course use it

Email-Us contacting you

Email is our choice method of contacting members for any of the necessary purposes that arise in running a large society like RHAC
A number of programs are in use which send automated emails, and these are likely to be extended soon.
You can see why your correct, and up-to-date email address is important to both us and you, so please take time now and then to check if we have it right.
If you go to the 'Update' section, you can do it there (or in late 2018 you can)
You can check other data too, whilst you are there

Do you need an email address? Or a new one?

You can have one at rotherhamharriers'org if you want.
eg if you are Hilary Bloggs you would be
You could access it by the webmail below, or via any email program or app

Webmail Access

Go to 1and1 Webmail App

The app will access any email account held at or any other 1and1-hosted domain and will receive from or send to any other email account