Training at Herringthorpe

Groups which are coached by specific coaches- on the whole quicker more able runners, and field event specialists, take up a large part of the use of the stadium inner area and track on club nights.
(If you are considering or interested in joining a coach-led group, approach membership secretary/coach Jim Brogan in the first instance)

Nonetheless, all members are welcome to join in dedicated structured stadium training. This is subject to understanding and accepting the codes of safety and behavious for track use.

No matter whether elite or a beginner, structured training could help you. The advantages are that it indeed is scientific and structured
• if pursued in a regular dedicated way it should get you to where you want to be sooner
• it takes place at our base, so there is potentially a shorter session timewise
• for some they can co-ordinate it with other activities (eg parents, with young athletes)

The sessions require a payment token
Some members swap between training sessions and out-of-stadium running night by night

Training in spring to autumn (BST) is track-based
Training in winter (GMT) alternates between track, and hill sessions on the hill above the stadium

Approach Jim Brogan for further information
I will ask Jim for some sample session instructions