Track and Field Competitions

Track and Field Senior Club Teams are selected and handled by:
Endurance (ie middlle distance): men Pete Shaw
Endurance (ie middlle distance): ladies Nigel Brookes
Overall Kevin Thomas with Stuart Kerr, Amy Beth
and Ian Cooley

The club competes in 2019 in North Division 2 EC
For those people who may be interested in doing these, if you look under the competition heading in our website you will see a list of the ones we have dates for and they will be identified as either 'Open' or 'Club Teams'.

Open meetings are, as the title suggests, open to anyone within the age groups they have events for. For the ones we have listed, we usually attach an entry form or website link to enable people to enter. Entry to these events is down to the individual, the club does not do it for you.

Where the event is for club teams it is different. The team managers will contact athletes who have said they are interested in competing to check availability and set up the team.

If you are someone who normally goes out with the road running groups and are interested in competing in an event then please talk to Kevin Thomas about what events you would be interested in doing and he will put you in contact with the appropriate team managers.

For Junior athletes this is usually straightforward in that the coaches know all the athletes and the same for Seniors who train regularly on the track: go to 'Young Athletes' section