Train & Compete

Structured Training

In common with most clubs, we have runners with a broad spectrum of approaches and requirements. Some are so persuaded by the pleasant relaxed atmosphere that running brings that they just don't want to compete at all. That's their right, though we do think they are missing out.

At the other end, quite a number of runners see the calculated training approach as the be-all and end-all, never seemingly getting out into the environment for an enjoyable run. And of course most are in between.

What we are sure if is that you should consider structured training (outlined) at some stage. It's easy to try it out, just turn up really (6.30 at club, you need a token) or better still, approach Jim brogan to sound out the session before-hand. As always, he will be helpful.

You can hop in and out of training session and group run if you see fit, some people do session Monday say, and group run Wednesday.


The benefits of being able to run (for up to an hour, say) are obvious once you can do it. Healthier, with a better view on life. Probably. Even if you don't try, you will get better to come extent, and most people try hard. One of the things we are sure you should do is get some competitive races in. Doesn't matter how fast you are, or where you come in the race.

You will get to know more of your colleagues (and vice versa), with resultant mutual respect. And the same goes for members of other clubs, who you are sure to interact with whatever your level. The buzz of doing our best (on occasions, even better) is well worth the effort. And you will have the pride of representing your club.

Rotherham HAC is proud of all its athletes, whatever they do. But never prouder than when they answer a team call.

If you are a relative beginner or a developer, there is no better arena to compete in then our KMR series races. Pete Humphries is series organiser for the KMR, but Kimberworth, Maltby and Rotherham each organise four races in their own way. Look at 'Activities' to get details. The races are very competitive over a wide range of speeds, but also very friendly with a social elements after in every race. The series has done a lot to maintain cordial relationships between the Rotherham area clubs.