Young Athlete Competition

This summer has seen our group athletes achieve multiple personal bests on the track. We often comment that this is down to hard work during the winter months. It is also very satisfying seeing our athletes performing to such high standards

We, the coaching team, are delighted by the effort most of you put in during training and it makes our roles even more worthwhile

We are now close to the end of the Track & Field season with a few open meetings worth entering to gauge how your summer has progressed. We then move swiftly on to the road and XC scene.

We are also mindful that there are still a number of the group that have not competed during this season and last winter. May we stress that it is a requirement of your membership to compete for the club at least 6 times during a calendar year. Without this you may not be offered further membership next year because of the length of the waiting list to join the club.

There are at least 15 events per year that the club participate in so there are ample opportunities to compete and represent the club, which is what a young athlete should strive to do.

The club website and Facebook page are regularly updated with new events for athletes to take part in. We are often told that people knew nothing about such events.

The following are races we will be targeting.

There are also 4 Indoor fixtures at EIS that are yet to be published.

Keep up the good work from Richard, Trudy, Keith and Amy