Ulley Res Information 2019 

This years event will be held on WEDNESDAY 19th JUNE (7.15pm) 2019
In memory of Peter Ruddleston
KMR2019 race 4

5 miles approx mixed terrain

The condition of the course is very good- only about 20m is muddy to the point of having to slow down- at the usual point in the valley bottom. I would run in road racing shoes if I was taking part.
Take care at the valley bottom bridges- especially the bridge about 100m from the right turn into the valley bottom which is tricky- narrow, set off the running line and (if it rains) probably slippy. However it looks set to be a fine evening.

At 3pm the top exit/entrance to Doles Lane was blocked by a parked farm megatractor and machinery. It may move before the race start but just in case I have cleared a path past it- you can run past but it will be single file.

There is a meeting in the church at 7.30; please don't park in the tarmac car park, the field beyond is at our disposal
Venue: Whiston Parish Church Cricket Club, Doles Lane, Whiston

On the night entry is the norm (from 6pm). 5 affiliated, 7 unaffiliated
Fast entry and results service, free refreshments after at Whiston PCCC

Awards (minimum) for race first & second and all 5-year vet categories from M40 and F35

Results in 2018

The course is unchanged from last year, and the fields have been assessed for several weeks
There are no rape crops in the fields and the perimeter paths are reasonably runnable.

Our benefactors at Whiston Parish Church CC have upgraded changing accommodation available

There will be a junior 'fun run' to the Upper Whiston Bridge and back if we are notified before the night

The start is planned for the bottom of the cricket ground as traditional but the finish will be (as last year) at the end of Doles Lane track just before the metalled road and Rectory Drive. This is for safety reasons as the road has had increasing use over the years of the race.
Access gates to Doles Lane (top and bottom) are now in place to prevent vehicular traffic (ie fly-tippers). We have gate access for use/emergency
You will see the finish banner on your way up Doles Lane about 400m after the start.

A short race will be held for beginners/ under 15 year-old runners if requested. Awards for U15, U13 runners.
This will start around 5 minutes after the main race and will be out and back, turning on the bridge over the motorway well short of the road crossing at Upper Whiston (labelled points FG)

The course profile below (much exaggerated!) shows clearly the two hills of the main race.

The purple dots show the race course on the map