Ulley Res

Wednesday 15th June 2022

I am at club Monday club time, if you need to discuss details
Personnel: list of positive responders allocated to jobs
Any issues: get back to me early please

Race Director, spot marshal
Peter Humphries **start- 1st field

Reservoir Bridgenote RMBC has prevented ALL parking in the bridge vicinity
Steve Gaines ** reservoir bridge
Paul Staley ** reservoir bridge arrange with SG
Gorse Before Bridge
Phil Eddison ** runner entrance to reservoir (keep right)
arrange with Steve unless running to your marshal point

Stoket lane turn into valley bottom
Helen Hollingworth (available)
Valley Bottom before runners reach gorse
Dennis Beaver **one on plank bridges area

Upper Whiston (road crossing IMPORTANT)
John Massingham **
Alex Brown **
Sharon Burton **
Angela Lally **

Area around Cricket Club, start, finish
OUT only
Field 1
Second Field
Doles Lane at junction

Brenda King
Wendy Whitaker
Pat Beighton
Kevin Thomas (may arrive after start)

IN only
Runner receivers

Brenda King
Wendy Whitaker
Kevin Thomas

Race sweeper runner
Anne Homer ** trail runner

Entries, recording, awards
Jim Brogan ** recorder
Gillian Taylor ** recorder
Keith, Peter maybe if needed

uplaced currently
Michelle Harle
Adele Morris