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Examine and Sign Up to EA Codes of Conduct

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Codes of Conduct It is important for the well-being of all members that we are clearly aware of our rights and responsibilities as athletes, officials, members or supporters. UK and England Athletics have issued codes of conduct to all UK clubs and requires confirmation from us that all our members have signed up to them or will do so.

There are 8 different codes, though a lot of content is common in many.

code applies to note: who needs to sign up
1 Club Safeguarding Executive Committee members
2 Coaches All qualified coaches
3 Senior Athletes All members aged 18 or over
4 Children & Young People All U-18 members but see below**
5 Parents/Carers People responsible for U-18 member(s)**
6 Technical Officials Eg Timekeepers, field officials in events
7 Volunteers All who assist with coaching, act as marshals or are run-leaders
8 Welfare Officer Currently we have two
**Codes 4 and 5 need explaining.
We do not deliberately communicate with members who are under-18. The contact details in use should be those of the parent, guardian or carer.

If you are a non-member responsible for an under-18 member or more than one, you should check codes 4 and 5. Ensure that the young members see the logic and need for aspects of the code (4). You affirm 4 on the young member’s behalf (and it signifies that you support the code number 5)

If you are a member responsible for an under-18 member, or more than one, then the two paragraphs above apply, also code 3 applies to you.

Codes 2, 6 and 8 are self-explanatory but code 7 is slightly vague. It applies for example if you are an unqualified coach, but also, say, run-leader, couch-to-5k leader or helper, or race marshal

We don’t need you to affirm numerous different codes- some of us are in 5 or more categories.

ONE tick in the ‘affirm’ box confirms that you have seen and support